Our Story

In 2008, we were shown the material that Bakersware® is made of, a complex polymer that was being used in commercial bakeware but was not available to the general public.  We obtained a sample of a long loaf pan, and started using it right away.  We have four young children, and make homemade bread at least twice a week.  We were amazed at how easily the bread released from the pan, and how easy it was to clean.  We made several hundred loaves of bread, and the pan looked like the day we got it.  We also enjoyed being able to ‘bake’ cakes in the microwave or oven, bake casseroles, freeze leftovers, and clean up with the dishwasher or a quick hand-wash.  We looked at the other pans we had in our cupboard – the rusty, dented, flaking, peeling, and flimsy pans that we were using to prepare food for our family – and realized that we had to use this innovative material to make pans for YOU, so home cooks would have access to what we were enjoying – versatile, non stick pans that would never have the problems of the pans we had in our cupboards.

In 2009, Bakersware® was born.  We invested in the materials needed to create five shapes of pans, trademarked our name, obtained a website, and ran the company from our living room desk, with inventory in our basement.  We started telling our friends about our product, and word spread.  It became apparent that people were not happy with their bakeware, and wanted something different, something better.  They wanted Bakersware®.  We are proud to provide an American-made product that has all the advantages of silicon and metal combined into one phenomenal new bakeware.  From its humble beginnings, we are excited to have you join our Bakersware family and discover how Bakersware® inspires your culinary experience through innovative technology.