Why Is BAKERSWARE® Better?

Inherent Easy Release Surface

Bakersware® allows you to bake with little or no greasing, while still providing a smooth release and easy cleanup

•    Less greasing means fewer overall calories from oil and butter in baked goods
•    Reduces mess of greasing and flouring, which improves home sanitation
•    Easy release provides easy clean up every time

The nonstick properties are a quality of the pan material itself, so there is no non-stick coating to wear off or flake off over time. And unlike metal pans, Bakersware® will not corrode or rust.


Bakersware® is made to withstand sudden, extreme temperature changes, which makes it perfect for those who enjoy using just one pan. Bakersware® can go from the freezer to conventional oven without risk of cracking or breaking. Baked goods can go from the oven to the freezer, then be defrosted in the microwave and brought to the table.

•    One-pan convenience saves time and reduces clutter
•    Freezer, microwave, conventional/convection-oven safe
•    Extreme temperature changes won’t melt, crack, or damage pans (~ 500 degrees)


Bakersware® has several advantages over metal, silicon, and PTFE coated bakeware, including:

•    Stiffer and retains shape better than silicon bakeware
•    Won’t absorb odors, stains or chemicals that could later seep into food
•    Will not rust or corrode
•    Won’t trap food or bacteria (like rolled metal pans) due to injection molding manufacturing process
•    30% lighter for comparable stiffness makes it easier and safer to lift
•    FDA approved for food contact compliance
•    Quieter sound when placing on racks than with metal

Quick Cooling

Bakersware® promotes even cooking and browning because it transfers heat in a uniform way. Faster heating and cooling also promotes consistent and even baking. Once Bakersware® is removed from the heat, it cools quickly, which allows for faster and safer handling.